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Your vehicle gets you from one place to the next – which is why reliable performance is key. To keep your vehicle running right, its engine and connected components must be in tip-top condition. This requires routine vehicle maintenance, including oil changes every few months.

Regular oil changes are among the easiest and least expensive ways to extend the life of your engine, and here at Lugoff Nissan, we’ve made car care simpler than ever. From preventative maintenance to repairs, our certified technicians are equipped to handle all your service needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or just stop by!


The Types of Oil

Not sure which type of oil is best for your vehicle? Our team can help! Here’s what you need to know about each kind of engine oil:

  • Conventional Oil
    Also referred to as standard oil, this option is the most budget-friendly. While it is partially refined to improve viscosity and protective properties, conventional oil is not as refined as other types of oil. 
  • Full Synthetic Oil
    Manufactured in a lab or factory to contain the best elements and additives, full synthetic oil provides the highest level of engine protection. This oil is often more expensive but lasts longer, allowing you to go longer between oil changes.
  • Synthetic Blend Oil
    Synthetic blends combine the benefits of both, offering great engine protection and performance – without the hefty price tag of full synthetic oil. Synthetic blends are typically the preferred option for those unwilling to sacrifice quality for cost.

The Process of an Oil Change 

Oil changes are simple procedures, with just a few simple steps involved. Here is what to expect during a full-service oil change: 

Step 1: Check oil level and condition.

During a full synthetic oil change or conventional oil change, the engine’s current oil level and condition must first be checked. Low oil levels may indicate a potential leak or other issue that needs to be addressed. 

Step 2: Drain old oil.  

During this step, the drain plug is removed and the old oil will be drained out of your engine. If performing an oil change at home, be sure to properly dispose of the used oil. 

Step 3: Remove the old oil filter and install the new one.

Oil filters should be replaced at each oil change. Once the old oil is drained out, remove and properly discard your old oil filter. Next, replace the drain plug and oil pan – and be sure the components surrounding the filter are clean.

Step 4: Put new oil in the vehicle.

After the new filter is properly positioned, up to 5 quarts of new oil will be poured into the engine. Our service experts will also lubricate the components that rub together, helping to prevent excessive wear and tear.

Step 5: Schedule a multi-point inspection.

After your oil change, your technician will perform a multi-point vehicle inspection. This creates an opportunity to catch other concerns before they become serious problems.

Time for a tune-up? Check your vehicle owner's manual for a suggested oil change schedule. For most modern vehicles, recommendations range from every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. In fact, some newer vehicles have a feature on the dashboard that monitors oil levels

Keep Your Vehicle Running Its Best With Lugoff Nissan

At Lugoff Nissan, our service technicians are always happy to help. From determining the right type of oil to setting a service schedule, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for a quick oil change near Columbia, SC? We are your answer! Drivers throughout South Carolina trust the Lugoff Nissan team for all their expert vehicle maintenance needs. Schedule an appointment or just stop by! 

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